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Fashion and Earth Day

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Kevin Bolland

Orange, California

Did you know that there is a website where you can find what kinds of fabrics are sustainable? I should have figured that it existed, but I never specifically needed to look until recently. The Materials Index on the CFDA website offers great guidance on how to source sustainable fabrics.

In fact, rather than posting yet another article on Earth Day, I figure that these resources should be interesting reads for some interested people interested in the sustainable fashion industry.

Did you know that Ralph Lauren, Nordstrom, and Levi Strauss all have sustainability reports that help the companies plan for a sustainable future? Examples like these pave the way for other companies to learn and follow suit.

Here are links to the location of the sustainability reports that are available for download any time!

Some of these goals are amazing! Nordstrom made the commitment to go to 90% renewable energy by 2020.

If we all use this global opportunity to focus on sustainability goals, we can make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things.

Thanks for reading!

-Kevin Bolland

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