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Five really interesting sustainability advancements!

Researchers from some of some of the most innovative spaces in the industry have been working on technologies that may revolutionize the way that some things are made.

I have been so inspired by some of the following inventions. My mind reels with excitement.

Here are five technologies that I have seen over the last week that I really want to learn more about!

1.) Check out this article and idea about a team who was able to use mussel shell waste to create an alternative type of glass that can be extremely strong and durable? It looks really cool to be honest.

2.) Check out this interesting article about how researchers have identified disconnects between sustainability goals within companies and their actions in the office. I have seen this personally at many big companies that shall remain nameless. I have seen excessive plastic waste and packaging waste at companies that are at the forefront of cooperative sustainability. I have seen wasted travel, and what appear to be “defeat device” testing for smog and other innovations at huge levels. Unfortunately, innovation in the space of sustainability is still perhaps a few years away, but that absolutely represents a money making idea.

3.) Robots, AI, and computer driven safety protocols and other similar ideas may have the public divided in some cases. But to be honest, I feel like it is, and has been pretty much inevitable since the first computers came online. In truth, AI in sustainability may represent one of the biggest opportunities of a lifetime. Imagine, using an AI to calculate the most efficient and valuable real estate in the world based on thousands of factors and preferences? In this article about agri-tech, imagine how much more effective and efficient you could be as a farmer if you knew exactly what was going on. If you knew that farm management could be handled for you by an AI system. Imagine some of the automation and how much more time we would have? However, the flip side is the transition for traditional workers. What solutions can we come up with as it relates to unemployment as a result of technology and innovation? What’s the endgame? Read the article below.

4.) On a different note, this is an interesting article that I found about a valuable microclimate that can easily be overlooked or go unused. The shady space beneath fruit trees is important because the soil can be both rich, but also lack in specific nutrients that may help your tree grow stronger or more bountiful. Check out this article about fruit trees and beneficial plants that you can grow with them!

5.) Suppliers, shipping, logistics and other transportation focused businesses are honestly the main greenhouse gas emissions generators for most major companies. Just think of the millions of trucks on the road right now.

While in some cases, this is not the truth, it is very important to know that shipping costs a vast amount. Companies in the environmental sustainability industry should largely be focused on reducing environmentally derived transportation costs. The article below outlines some amazing innovations that could perhaps drive the future of transportation (pun intended :P)

Thanks for reading!

If you're interested in learning more about sustainability technologies that you can apply to your business, Send me an email:

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