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Thank you for visiting Greenisms. I am the owner and founder of this website.

My goal, both personally and professionally, is to help you learn about sustainability from the perspective of individuals, and companies alike. My hope is that you will make decisions that benefit our community, our planet, and your finances. Sustainability is about the consideration of these key points which can be further defined by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals found here:

I have over 5 years of experience with consulting, environmental science and planning, air quality (see my other website, and sustainability. My degree is in Natural Resources Management from Colorado State University, with a minor in Sustainability.

Additionally, I am a certified naturalist with the Orange County Parks Department, and I have performed many hours of volunteer experience in my community with the hope that others will be inspired by their environment. If you are looking to learn about possible investments, jobs, news, or just want to share your experience as it relates to the environment and sustainability, please message me, send me an email, or connect with me on linkedin. I would love to hear more about your perspective and how the environment has had a hand in your personal past, present, and future.

Together we can make major strides towards a sustainable future.

Kevin Bolland

Kevin Bolland

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