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NET* features** (optional **) GitHub ------- *Project site and document:* Source code ----------- *Code location:* License Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 License Authors Nishanah | Imran Ahmad | Rohit Pratap | Rohit Vaswanth | | | | | **Lead Developer** | **Developers** | **Lead Developer** | **Developers** | **Lead Developer** Aplication ========== *Description:* Php-mig is a.NET application for PHP developers. It is a.NET web application but it is designed to be used like a command-line tool. *Features:* It is a open source framework and it provides the following features - **php-mig** : Like standard PHP but it works like a standard command-line tool. It has built in features such as installing, configuring, running and removing of .NET packages. It is a rapid application development tool.  - **Php-mig-i18n** : It is a multilingual tool and it has inbuilt i18n support and .NET properties file support. - **php-mig-config** : It is a configuration tool and it has **Command Line Interface** (CLI), configuration file system, property file system, API repository. It can manage .NET components and run scripts to create, configure, upgrade, update, disable, uninstall and remove them. - **php-mig-dependency** : It is an application that manages dependencies and it runs all **.NET component** deployment scripts as part of the deployment process. It can manage library and application dependencies and it



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[FULL] Summit Indica Unicode tendarl

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