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Greenisms aims to help you! Please follow this link to a one question, 2 minute survey that will help us gain a better understanding of how to help you!

Here is a simple guide to using the sustainability database. 


Are you looking for?

a.) A job or news related to companies in the engineering and environmental fields

b.) News and stock useful for investing in cutting edge companies and technology

c.) Information useful to making decisions on companies to work for/with

d.) Consulting services provided by Greenisms


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What would I use that information for? Isn’t it all free? Why would I pay for free information?


Yes, in many cases, these sustainability reports and job search engines are completely free to use and are easy to find. Even the investor and financial summaries of many major companies are available to the public for free.


Greenisms is simply a place where your convenience is prioritized. These sites and download locations are placed into a list that you can navigate with ease.


The links take you to the site where the latest information can be downloaded for free. 








a.) Jobs, news, and stock information


Links to job search engines for these major companies in a growing database provides a job seeker with the convenience necessary to find a job more efficiently. 


Rather than using recruitment platforms, Greenisms just links to the company search engine if there is one. A list of other job search engines is in development. That list will develop into a useful tool for all job seekers as a simple, straight-forward, list of job seeking tools or websites.


Jobs can be found all over the world in this list, however, many of them are based in the United States. Jobs and volunteer experiences for a worldwide audience is the goal of Greenisms, however.


Another project in development is the list of organizations that perform environmental outreach on a global scale. These represent opportunities to travel, volunteer, or help in communities that may have a desperate need. 


b.) News about companies and information related to stocks or new business lines


These links can be used to find the latest news, stock chart information, sustainability reports, and financial reports of major companies. This list is always growing. In an additional list of unranked companies, sustainability reports are published for the public to see.  This unranked list grows each time companies provide their information freely to Greenisms. 

Much of this information can be utilized to make great decisions about companies and their operations. While Greenisms does NOT offer any kind of investment advice, the public information published by the publicly traded companies on this list can be leveraged to make decisions about how to allocate capital. 


It is the readers responsibility to verify the date and time of all information found through Greenisms.  


c.) Information useful to making decisions on companies to work for/with


When companies provide or do not provide sustainability disclosures to the public, they are making a statement about their current disposition to sustainability in some ways. Using the updated lists available on Greenisms, you can find opportunities to provide consulting services, or comments to these companies and projects they are working on that may even be in your neighborhood. 


If you represent a company in some way, these disclosures provided by companies may represent great opportunities to reach out and find your next business relationship. 


Who knows, maybe your business can help theirs based on the information they provided to the public. Greenisms is all about transparency and open communication!


d.) Consulting services provided by Greenisms


Please contact Greenisms for a free consultation regarding your project! Otherwise, please email


Here's a Convenient List of other Job Search Engines (Alphabetical)


  • AngelList

  • CareerBuilder

  • Craigslist Jobs

  • Facebook Job Search

  • FlexJobs

  • Glassdoor

  • Indeed

  • Jooble

  • LinkedIn

  • LinkUp

  • Monster

  • Robert Half

  • Scouted

  • SimplyHired

  • Snagajob

  • The Ladders



  • ZipRecruiter

Thanks for visiting Greenisms! 

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