We, at Greenisms believe that the environment is responsible for your perspective.
It has a large role in determining who you become. Therefore, we believe awareness and consideration of the perspective of others create pathways to sustainable change with the whole world in mind. ​
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Greenisms creates a place for individuals to share their perspective, and perhaps find the information helpful on the journey towards sustainability.

We exist to open the floodgates of information, allowing for a holistic view of the world, from the perspective of people from around the world. While you visit Greenisms, be on the lookout for inspiration. 
That is the goal of Greenisms. To inspire you to look at the world from the perspective of someone who has been shaped by a different environment, or to inspire you to reach for sustainability goals.
Greenisms aggregates information using the Engineering News Record to compile lists, ranking companies based on many factors. Greenisms is not responsible for these rankings, but they can be found for free on the ENR website.
While Greenisms grows, the ENR 100, 200 and 400 lists will be utilized to rank companies who provide their information for public review. Other companies that are not included in the ENR lists will be placed into an "unranked" list that is in development. 
Greenisms aims to provide the world with a platform from which to find sustainability and financial disclosures, news, jobs information, and other useful stuff! These disclosures and news articles help people and businesses make good decisions about how to invest time, money, and resources. 
At Greenisms, we believe that sustainability is the key to our success and our future. If we can work together, provide insights into sustainable operations, highlight areas that need work, and focus on helping others, we can make large strides in the right directions.
Join Greenisms today! Support sustainability transparency.