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Greenisms provides expert services related to property research, technical writing, and content development focused on Environmental and Sustainable Technologies

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Creative, Strategic, Innovative, and Visionary Thinker.

Hello! My name is Kevin. I do my best to think of myself as a Creative, Strategic, Innovative, and Visionary Thinker. I have an inherent need to learn about and interact with our world first-hand. In my travels, and through my experience across many industries, I have come to discover that the environment you surround yourself with is directly responsible for your perspective, your attitude, and often your inspiration as well.   


The environment has a large role in determining who you become and where you direct your energy.  I believe awareness and consideration of environmentally applicable technologies creates opportunities to grow. I believe that reaching out to try and learn more from others creates pathways to sustainable change.  


Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

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