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Greenisms applies a perspective that is based in compliance with some of the worlds more rigorous regulations to achieve results. Sustainability is about the consideration of financial, social, and environmental goals with the intent to save money, preserve the environment, and better foster social development for the benefit of all. 

Greenisms can help you on your journey to sustainability by providing information that will help you save money both in the short term, and the long term. Through research and awareness, sustainability goals can be assessed for their practicality and real world application.



Would you like an example of what Greenisms can provide? Please keep reading! 

Steps to Complete a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Greenisms has created a user friendly guide to completing ASTM 1527-13 standard Phase I Environmental Site Assessments.

This guide to completing Phase I Environmental Site Assessments is designed to help the average person understand what goes into the completion of a Phase I ESA so that any business owner, property buyer or seller, or agency can understand how to read a Phase I ESA. By following along with the steps in the guide, anyone can compile the information and learn more about the potential hazards which may be present on a property. The completion of the steps and the analysis of the information will help you understand the potential environmental risk that may come with any given site.


This guide comes complete with the following:

     A Step-by-Step Walk through of how to complete a Phase I ESA. 

     A template for a Freedom of Information Request Letter.

     A template questionnaire to send to owners and property managers, and

     A brief explanation of who can complete a Phase I (qualifications).

This guide is offered to help you save money on a Phase I ESA. While the typical costs of a Phase I ESA range greatly from $1,500 to over $6,000, this guide will help you gather information that will save you money and keep the price on the low end of that spectrum. Please click here if you would like a copy of the pdf free of charge as an example of how Greenisms aims to serve you! 

Thank you!


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