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Greenisms Mission:
We believe that the environment is responsible for your perspective and has a direct role to play in determining your career and life goals.

Therefore, we believe awareness and consideration of the perspective of others creates pathways to sustainable change with the whole world in mind.

Our Mission is to connect you to inspiring information and to help you clarify ideas and concepts in fields related to sustainability.

About The Owner:
Kevin Bolland is an experienced Environmental Analyst with a demonstrated history in environmental compliance, property development assessments, risk management, project management, and technical writing. As a certified naturalist, Mr. Bolland is fluently conversant in natural resources and environmental management practices. With a focus on ecological restoration, sustainability technology, and responsible living.
He is also knowledgeable in some of the most stringent local, state, and federal environmental laws, regulations, procedures, and standards. He has performed hundreds of Phase I Environmental Assessments and land use and development studies, and has applied his Air Quality/GHG and Climate Change expertise in conducting technical studies and drafting reports for CEQA / NEPA-compliant documents.

With his professional experience, Kevin has the skills necessary to deliver results in a data driven world. His diverse knowledge and experience will help you reach your goals, regardless of the mountains you my face. (this image is a picture of Kevin climbing Mt. Quandary in Colorado).

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