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The Answer is Energy

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

This may be obvious to most of you, but I figured that it is worth reiterating, simply because of how important the topic is.

While most of us don't think about the climate apart from how to dress each day while getting ready to go out, the climate often determines why cities are developed where they are. One of the most well known examples of this is in Egypt, where the Nile River essentially represents the viability of the entire developmental history of the country.

Without it, all of world history could be radically different.

The same can be said for our own history. I believe it is worth an extra thought when we make decisions that affect the overall health of the resources that we rely upon. Another major example that is relevant right now is the deforestation taking place in many rain forests throughout the world. These resources, while somewhat important for a business and its perceived profitability, are absolutely essential for the health of the worlds ecosystems. Without that land, the entire world loses much more than anyone can calculate.

In the case of businesses which are destroying rain forests, the products they obtain from that land could feasibly be obtained from other, less invasive sources when sustainability is considered and implemented.

In fact, many of the businesses responsible for the farming operations in other countries could save significant sums of money if the products they sell were obtained trough other means. Considering the technology that is available and the low cost of energy (hopefully coming soon to anywhere near you), the presence and prevalence of urban agriculture needs to be revisited.

Although we aren't all the way there yet, I definitely think that free, or incredibly cheap energy is the key to a sustainable future. With free energy comes free water, cheaper agriculture, efficient development, preservation of ecological resources, and increased operational efficiency for every business on earth. With that said, the concept of free energy is one which will absolutely require the cooperation of all interested parties (i.e. everyone). There is no magic bullet, and no singular renewable energy source will be sufficient to solve these problems. But with a combination of available technologies, the cooperation of businesses, and the demand for viable options soon coming, I truly believe that free energy is on the horizon.

Do you believe that is possible like I do? Are you an optimist in spite of all of the circumstances? Do you see the potential in every decision you make? Contact me if you have ideas on how to make this a reality! It is my personal and professional goal to help everyone make better decisions.

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