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Sustainable savings

Every product that we use on a daily basis has a lifecycle way deeper than just the time we use it. Did you know that the average meal consumed in the United States travels something like 3,000 miles to get to your dinner plate? Personally, I would love to save gas at every turn, eat feesher food, save money and time, and help decrease your carbon footprint. If a thousand people ate one locally or home grown item per week, the equivalent of a few truckloads of long distance hauls may be removed from the road. The more meals you eat that are sustainable, the better the benefits. But it doesn't mean you need to change your while life to be a little more green.   If anthing, it would simply mean a few less trucks on the road (less is better than simply more efficient). Even with these incredible new self driving trucks, the less we use the better.  Now that doesnt mean that your life cant be better than it was before. For example, if you donate unused things, you're helping to reuse the product, helping someone else less fortunate, and give you more storage space.  Our lives can be like refrigerators.... I know.  It's an odd metaphor.. I often find forgotten jars of long expired things in my kitchen or pantry. That jar is still useful! The bad food is still useful too! So it's tube spilled milk! Literally everything we gave coughs be reused somehow.  Done are easier to reuse than others,  so its a balance.  In a perfect world I think we need a composting service thatll help us waste less food.  Did you know that almost 30% of all food bought in the US goes to waste? Its so sad because there are so many people who go to bed hungry anyways. It's both an efficiency problem and an awareness problem.  It really doesnt take a big effort to change some of these things. Huge impacts are made through tiny decisions too. Sustainability is about whats realistic, and the best possible option. Solutions to stuff like I mentioned will be the focus of new innovation and economic opportunity. By making smarter decisions, the idea of sustainability isnt so hard. But the more we can do, the better it gets. I believe that you can increase your quality of life and simultaneously make the world a better place, a cheaper place to live, and help preserver, conserve,  and manage the riches of our environment.  In all these things, sustainability is about staying healthy, being efficient,  and being conscientious.  How can I do that grin where I am sitting? Try recycling that receipt in your wallet instead of tossing it, and think,  "it's the little things".

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