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Minimalism: A Guide to Getting Started

So you may have heard of the term "Minimalism", but what exactly is it?

Well, simply put, minimalism is the practice of eliminating the unnecessary stuff from your life to live more simply and a more sustainable lifestyle.

Why would you want to start implementing minimalism into your life? Lots of reasons, but the most common of which include eliminating clutter, simplification of day to day tasks, saving money, clarity of mind, more time, and many others.

So if you want to live a healthier, better, less complicated life, this is a quick start guide to Minimalism!

Here are 5 steps that you can take today to get started with minimalism.

1.) Take out the trash

Did you know that clutter in your life starts with our need to hold onto things that don't specifically add value to our lives? By removing unnecessary things from our line of sight, we can actually reduce stress, feel healthier, and gain energy. Simply taking out the trash from your house can help with this!

2.) Donate unused clothing/shoes

Some people like myself enjoy having a wardrobe that is diverse, but practical. From a minimalist point of view, we can simplify our lives by getting rid of clothing that we haven't worn in over a year or so. Especially since much of this clothing doesn't fit after such a long time. A simple run through of your wardrobe to clear out and donate (or sell) clothing can help remove unnecessary clutter from our lives.

3.) Get rid of old tech (responsibly)

If you're like me, one thing I do is hold onto all of the old technology that we have. If you think about it, in this age, we have a tech backup that can happen quickly if we don't pay attention. Do you have old laptops, old phones, and cords galore in your home? Taking some of these old, items to an electronic waste facility can help you feel like your life is more in order. All you need to do is back up your data on your newest device. Delete the contents from the old devices, and take them to the E waste facility near you!

4.) Remove duplicate things from your home

Do you have a bunch of old china or kitchen gadgets that all do the same thing? Donate it! If you live in a small household and rarely entertain, then maybe it's time to get rid of all of that glassware and kitchen stuff that is never used in your home. Of course, you should keep what you need, but if it hasn't been used in a year or so, maybe it's time to toss it in the donate bin!

5.) Organize your paperwork a little, or a lot

Financial paperwork is always a grind to dig through. But you also don't want to end up in a position where you have 30 years of paperwork to sort through later, right?

Simply going through your legal documents, mail, and other paperwork can help relieve stress from your life, helps you stay organized, and helps you feel more productive at home as well! As an added bonus, if you can go through your papers and sign up for paperless or electronic delivery, then everything stays in one place and you don't need to worry about losing your important documents! Just make sure you have a backup and security so nothing is stolen!

If you implement these five things into your live, you are well on the way to starting a minimalist lifestyle! It may be a difficult road to start down, but one or two trips to a donation center could be just the jump start that you need!

Minimalism fits in with Sustainability very well! The less that we use on a daily basis, the more sustainable we can be in the long run. I hope this article helps you make some real progress towards a stress free lifestyle, and better health!

Kevin Bolland

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