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Updated: Jul 3, 2023

By Ayotomiwa Oladotun,

Ikeja, Nigeria

Since the beginning of time, there has always been a need of human sensitivity towards their surroundings to survive, which implies that we have to be innately aware of our environment and seek out environments with some particular qualities. There are certain attributes humans look out for when choosing an environment. The most important of these attributes is environmental safety and security. Environmental safety and security involves the shielding of humans against environmental dangers, and protection from environmental degradation so as to preserve man's health, natural resources, and the biosphere. It involves two main components; social, which has to do with human intent and ecological, which occurs naturally. Another attribute is physical and physiological comfort. This has to deal with familiar environments with the right stimulus and of the right temperature. It is no news that the recent activities of man has contributed significantly to an excessive rise in temperature in some parts of the world, and has brought about the fear of global warming. Concerns about the adverse effects posed by human activities on the environment, the various effects of natural or man made environmental change (including degradation and scarcity), the insecurity experienced by individuals due to environmental variation such as water scarcity, pollution, and global warming has shifted the focus of the world towards sustainability.Environmental activities such as the destabilization of the soil by cutting down trees, rising use of fossil fuel leading to an increase in air pollution and aggravation of global warming, environmental damages leading to scarcity and degradation, and dumping of wastes in inappropriate places has impacted my perspective and driven me towards the quest for sustainability.

A Sustainable Future

According to Brudtland Commission, sustainability is the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. One of the objectives of sustainability is to help the ecology to remain in balance, and the replenishing of depleting natural resources for future generations. While some consider sustainable development to be a model comprising of the environment, the economy, and the society, or as an interrelation between humans and the ecosystem they occupy, there is no doubt that the provisions of clean energy, pollution free air, clean water, and fertile lands is fundamental to a good socioeconomic system.Sustainable development involves a long-term approach to developing and accomplishing a balanced and healthy ecosystem by collectively addressing environmental, economic, and social development issues, whilst ensuring the reduction of the depletion of key natural resources. Concerning environmental sustainability, there are things required of us to protect our environment, including reduction of power consumption, recycling, reduction of carbon emissions by boarding a commercial flight rather than a private one, installation of renewable power sources in our homes and businesses, etc. Environmental sustainability is the major issue of the future of humanity.In the aspect of economic sustainability, economic development has been identified as one of the primary factor behind environmental degradation, therefore, economic activity should be kept within strong limits. A sustainable economy is one that doesn't harm the environment and their ecological services on which humans depend. It is important that environmental costs are to be included in economic activity so as to create a green economy.Social sustainability has to do with a peaceful society held together by cooperation, rule of law, and discipline. It also involves the awareness and legislation protection of the health of members of a society from harmful activities of organizations and other enterprises. The health of people needs to be strongly protected, and access to resources without compromising the quality of life should be maintained.In order to create a better world that involves social progress and equality, environmental protection, conservation of natural resources and stable economic growth, the sustainable development goals were created to meet the urgent environmental, political, and economic challenges been faced in our present world. Shifting towards sustainability helps us to achieve reduction in pollution, poverty, poor housing, climate change and unemployment. There are uncertainties surrounding what our sustainable future will look like but with emerging technologies, we have experienced unprecedented growth in different areas including renewable energy technologies which has reduced the use of fossil fuels. There has also been a close monitoring of natural and man made disasters, and the effects they have on our environment. Significant social development has also been recorded in the aspect of social activism, whereby farmers are encouraged to ensure good farming practices, advocacy for clean air by reducing private flight charter, increased outcry for gender equality in developing countries, etc. There is no doubt about sustainability giving us the world of our dreams.

Thank you for reading!

By Ayotomiwa Oladotun,

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