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Kids in Lock-down.

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Arnab Piush Biswas

Faridpur, Dhaka.


Nowadays Lock-down has become a part of our life.

Though 'Lock-down' feels monotonous for all of us,

we have to live with it for our safety and to keep us protected from COVID-19. During this time period, some random thoughts came into my mind.

I am about to share those with you.

As a person,

THE first thing that came into my mind is "The Effects of lock-down on KIDS".

Let me brief you about our childhood.

In our childhood, we used to have a very much joyful time which was full of imagination and colors full of happiness. We used to play under the sun all day long. In our time we had open fields every here and there. Gentle breeze whispering in the ear.

But now, a child can't even imagine that life. During Lock-down it has become much worse. Their day starts with an electrical device. Their total time is occupied by the virtual world, Like Facebook, Online Gaming, YouTube.

They are losing their imagination power. Because if they are stuck in a problem, they don't wait for thinking. Simply they hit some keys on the keyboard and get what the wanted. When any question comes into their mind, they just search in Google.No need to use their brain.

I personally believe that thinking nothing can destroy your dream. Today's kids are not even spending a little time on thinking. There a question arrives in my mind,

Are they dreaming??

"No thinking leads to, No dreaming"

Now kids are totally institutionalized at home. As schools are closed for the COVID-19 pandemic. They are staying at home. All types of outside activities are close now. This is

bringing a very bad effect on them.

Kids are now spending full time with their devices. Even their schools came up with online classes. They are now spending almost 4/5 hours on online classes. Staring at those electrical monitors for a long time is harmful to their eyes. And wearing ear-phones are disturbing their ears.

[The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that entertainment screen time is limited to one or two hours per day]

AND[Doctors recommend the 60%/60-minute rule:: Listen to music or play a movie or video game at no more than 60% of the maximum volume. Limit the amount of time you spend with earbuds in your ears to 60 minutes.]

Our children don't see the open sky or even feel the urge to go on an open field. They are held in a 'Basque captive' life.

Some Researches

45% of the kids have experienced difficulty sleeping at night in light of decreased physical action and synchronous uptick independence on electronic gadgets. The examination found that the normal rest length for the youngsters during lockdown was 8.7 hours of the day.

Up to 7% of youngsters' sleep time uneasiness expanded by 32%. While the rate of uncontrolled resentment furthermore, fits rose by 30% among youngsters.

Numerous respondent guardians have communicated their qualms about e-learning. Around 33% of respondents said they didn't perceive any improvement in the degree of their youngsters' instruction also, 19% felt that there was a plunge in the norm when contrasted with previously.

About 38% of the respondents needed to purchase new electronic gadgets for their kids to go to online classes, which put a monetary weight on them. It may, upheld two-path cooperation among educators and understudies and underlined on holding down to earth classes. Over half of the schools share single direction pre-recorded or live recordings to lead online classes.

Additionally, at any rate, 83% of the respondent guardians regulated their youngsters' examinations and home undertakings during the lockdown and 66% of the understudies did self-learn at home. While 92% of the respondent guardians offered to agree to the schools to hold online classes.

Cell phones rose as the most favored mode for virtual instructing, which was somewhere in the range of one and eight hours per day.

There have been some positive side projects of online classes for the kids, remembering a more prominent concentration for self-study and incentive for time, investigating new innovative devices, and indicating more prominent fondness to their relatives.


If this position is held for a few more times, Kids will lost their basic instinct of playing outside. Already 2 out of 3 youngsters have device addiction. They are also not interested in the paper book. Instead, they are learning from the internet. They are losing their concentration power. As well as they are losing their body fitness. This will lead them to a bad life. They will fail to maintain a balanced life. Immediate action and proper guidance need to be implemented by the parents.

Information references

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