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Saudi Arabia Sustainability Advancements

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

So, Say what you want about historical baggage. Every country around the world has got it in some way or another. Is that going to hold us back from making advancements and investments in our collective future, and for the future of all?

Let's take a look at some of the world's most ambitious and expansive sustainability projects to date.

1.) Saudi Arabia looks to Metformin to discover methods to reduce the speed of aging in the article below. What do you think about the idea of reversing, or slowing the aging process? Some of us think it to be against nature, while others would argue exactly the opposite; that by knowing and understanding nature, we can utilize it to our benefit. Is that natural though? The idea of slowing aging does appeal though. I mean, I can imagine feeling like my body had tons of energy again.

2.) Here in this next post about deals between Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United States, there are discussions that show just how much we can accomplish together.

Although there is much history that has impacted us all, history also provides us with lessons for the future, and can be applied together. With the sudden advancements in technology that human kind has experienced in the last few decades, the amount of information and the realizations that come with that information have been happening at a pace never before thought possible. With these talks, the advancements in sustainability are much more attainable.

Remember, Sustainability is about sourcing the minimum that is NEEDED, without impacting our environment, or our ability to obtain that same resource forever. Community involvement and Transparency are important here.

In that definition, sustainability can’t be proprietary. No one country or company has the right to hold a safe, sustainable, and cost effective lifestyle over the head any people group, always keeping it just out of reach.

3.) With that said, In terms of putting money where your mouth is, Saudi Arabia is on it. This is a two for one article below, and there are many other articles are discussing the new sustainability megacity, NEOM, aka; The Line, and the potential advancements that will be integrated into the new development in the northwestern corner of Saudi Arabia. In this city that will be served by a high speed mag lev rail line, and fully sustainable infrastructure, it's location adjacent to the Straight of Tiran makes it almost ideal for world trade.

The drilling contract for this project was actually just signed yesterday as of this writing! Check out this article below!

To some people who have grown up rooted in the systems bureaucracy built into the "American Dream", this city seems like nothing but a pipe dream. Nonetheless, satellite photos and imagery of the vastness of the landscape evoke ambitious and inventive ideas, and I am excited to follow along. I have a blog post in the works that will share a few of these ideas.

Check out these sketches of concepts related to the development in Saudi Arabia.

Finally, if the first few weren't enough for you, check out this other top 10 sustainability and green energy topic article from some of the smartest people in Berkeley. It looks like there are some seriously inspiring things happening in colleges around the world!

Thanks for reading! If you ever want to have a conversation about how I can help with your sustainability goals, please send me an email!

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