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How to Leverage Information About the Top Five ENR 100 Companies

Updated: Apr 10

Aecom, Jacobs, Clean Harbors, Tetra Tech, and Fluor Corporation are at the top of the list when it comes to size, industry share, and marketability in the environmental industry.

But did you know what kinds of plans these companies have for the future?

In a world that changes so quickly, we need to be aware of opportunities for progress that benefit many people. Especially because these represent potential investment opportunities.

Although the information you can find through these websites is free, the analysis and vision of a project has a great deal of value to communities that is not always accounted for.

For Instance, in the image below, you can see a large apartment complex building. The value to build the structure is one kind of value that can actually be seen on paper. But the value of living in the building, where the building is located is sometimes lost.

After all, sustainability and forward movement go hand in hand with cooperation and communication.

For instance, Aecom discusses in this post a future of San Francisco where an additional 2 million housing units would be required to support population growth in the region. Who better to support those types of efforts than the other businesses on the sustainability list Greenisms compiled. Many companies focus on large scale projects that you may even use in the future! In San Francisco and around the world, the best opportunities to market a business come from providing opportunity and value to others.

Greenisms aims to do this by compiling a great deal of information on behalf of our customers. Information like this may help you find your next investment, your next job, your next adventure, or even just something inspiring.

Another opportunity in the environmental industry comes from Jacobs.

Recent contracts like the Jacksonville Port upgrades that were awarded in October support movement in the global shipping industry. This post states that "With $13 billion in revenue and a talent force of more than 55,000, Jacobs provides a full spectrum of professional services including consulting, technical, scientific and project delivery for the government and private sector." Jacobs is a huge player in the industry. With contracts like JAXPORT supporting global industry, places to invest become more apparent.

Greenisms aims to provide customers, investors, job seekers, and news junkies with a place they can find information at. Greenisms exists to open the floodgates of information for people who are interested. While all of the information may be free, the best place to find it is on Greenisms.

For more information, check out my database here.

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