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Adesokan Adedamola

Osun State, Nigeria.

Environmental degradation practices cause a lot of harm to individuals a lot, but little did they know what it is. To hundreds of thousands of people who cut down trees without planting, dump refuse on waterways, pollution the environment either through air or water, these things are just one of those things that happen but then there is a popular saying "he that is ignorant of a thing, cannot be guilty of it", because of this an expository essay would be written below to show the effect of these practices while also putting forward the sane-ness of staying away from it.

Deforestation as already known involves cutting down of trees without replanting and destruction of the forest through several means leading to deaths of animals, organisms and all. It often leads to erosion, desertification, and increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and most importantly causes climate change. To a person whose only fallacious belief has always been "trees would grow itself", little do they know about the greater effect which is more than just the smoke that goes up and fear of the spread of fire. Wherever deforestation occurs, the kinetic energy of raindrops that are supposed to be absorbed by the tree are leased and its splashes cause erosion. This is to say that deforestation increases soil erosion and the amount of volume and velocity of rainfall received. The raindrops will go into a run-off area or block the soil pores that make up a sealing crust of silt and clay particles. Also, it could cause downstream flooding for those areas in various parts of the world.

Deforestation also harms the atmospheric composition. Forests normally absorb carbon dioxide during photosynthesis to maintain its atmospheric conditioning. And, it absorbs the longwave radiation that warms up the lower atmosphere and roughly stays at an average temperature of 17 degrees Celsius warmer than usual. The high rate of deforestation increases the combustion of fossil fuels which causes global carbon dioxide concentrations to rise and increase the greenhouse effect. It is crystal clear why DEFORESTATION should, therefore, be avoided.

Encouraging AFFORESTATION means to take all measure to ensure the sustainability of the environment by not cutting down trees carelessly and planting back trees brought down, discouraging bush burning and all.

Another important way to profit from Environmental sustainability is to ensure proper disposal of waste which could be an industrial or individual one. When the environment becomes toxic, both humans, animals and plants find it difficult to survive. Through human activities, the environment gets polluted which could either be the air or water. Waste is instead of being disposed into the water instead of it being properly disposed of and get recycled. Proper waste disposal improves the health of everyone and decreases public exposure to biohazards and plants getting infested. If the water is contaminated how they are going to be of use to the populace this can further cause destruction. Aquatic animals are also at a disadvantage because of this can cause deaths of animals living in it this could cause extinction and hunger.

Majorly, Air pollution is caused by industrial companies. They exhume smokes from the big machine into the air thereby inducing carbon monoxide that is injurious to health. It could cause loss of breath, causes lungs destruction among others. Big companies should be sited away from communities where people live. Also, time-to-time servicing of the engines are greatly needed. Apart from this common effect, Pollution has caused bigger mayhem which is what is known now as 'Climate Change'. One of the major causes is sourced from bush burning is the number of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and which are contributed to by carbon dioxide, methane, ozone and water vapour. The one with the greatest contribution to the greenhouse effect is water vapour.

As we all know that the climate condition has changed from what we used to know about, also of suggestion from the masses is mostly that it is 'god's doing' not knowing it is our actions and inactions that nature is reacting to.

Environmental sustainability has a various way of being beneficial to individuals and the world at large. The advantages are listed below:

It maintains health and bio-capacity of both the people living therein and the environment itself.

Social and Individual well-being of individuals: this implies the peaceful co-existence whereby everyone takes care of his or her environment. The implication of this is that there wouldn't be an outbreak of diseases and if there is any, it would be easily controlled.

It boosts, sustains and stimulates the economy:

Labour force is healthy, agriculture is thriving, and the land is green. These would help the economy of any country to develop rapidly. Economic stability is a must practice for everyone in the world. It should be taken up and backed by governmental policies and punishment should be strict for violators.


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