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Re: Regenerative Agriculture Can Change the Fashion Industry—And the World. But What Is It?

Updated: May 19, 2020

Kevin Bolland

Orange, CA

Sometimes its easy to find material for this blog. Like this for instance. Did you know that the sustainable fashion industry is at a key turning point in history right now?

Some of the worlds largest clothing manufacturers, and many luxury brands are being placed in a tough spot right now considering COVID-19 and its impacts to the fashion industry.

Moreover, there is hope that the impacts on the environment from the fast fashion industry will decrease over time now more than ever! This article by Vogue brings to light a great example of how thoughtful planning and agriculture are essential in the quest for more sustainable solutions.

The articles states that "Regenerative farming is essentially the new organic or sustainable farming, but it goes a few steps further. In addition to omitting chemicals, regenerative agriculture actually replenishes and strengthens the plants, the soil, and the nature surrounding it... “regenerative ag” is becoming a shiny new buzzword in the sustainable fashion conversation."

This article on regenerative agriculture focuses on how farm land use planning has an impact on the utility and productiveness of farms. It makes sense, although may not necessarily be obvious, that the way the farm is laid out has a lot to do with how productive the farm can be.

In the article, they mention pollinator strips, where bees and other pollinators can congregate. These are becoming increasingly essential as bee populations diminish all over the world.

With regenerative farming, soil conditions are maintained though a process that's akin to cyclical farming practices, where one crop fertilizes the soil with specific nutrients to assist in the growth of a different crop the next season.

Regenerative agriculture may provide sustainable solutions that we all need. But it may also have a place in urban agriculture as well. Check out this article on vogue for more information!

Thanks for reading,

-Kevin Bolland

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