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Reinvent Business - Sustainably

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Bad relationships are often the result of poor communication and pressure to perform in ways that are predicated on deep rooted, and often inaccurate or unrealistic expectations about oneself, or another.

Unfortunately, pressure still exists. The pressure is on for many people, and that makes life extremely challenging for some (especially those like me with deep rooted anxieties about oh so many things). Especially when expectations (and expenses) are so high.

Businesses in the marketplace today face many challenges and hurdles that are essential to stay afloat. I see many innovations on the horizon that may be helpful in managing some of these expectations (and expenses) and yet, allowing sustainability to make them more realistic.

While history has shown that the driving motivator for change in the world is often discomfort and power or control, the workforce is what actually makes changes happen.

So, in other words, the workers have the power, ------if they can get together and share a common goal.

This is sometimes the case with strikes, but even unions have clouded the water about that by hiring fake picketers in the past.

Really, the public is responsible for the push for change.

We need to push together now. We need to realize that it is possible to take care of the Earth, so we can make it better for everyone. Not just self.

"It isn't like it used to be, where distances were more vast than lifetimes. That just isn't the case anymore. The world isn't as wild as it once was, and that means we often fear what we know, more than what we don't"

-Kevin Bolland

After all, why work on things that don't lead to a more sustainable way of living?

I feel like the United States consumer culture is founded and built on the idea that we can turn a blind eye to real consequences of our purchasing behavior if we just ignore them. But the bubble of protection is getting smaller and smaller. Impacts happen daily that bring it closer to home.

It seems like it has been that way for many lifetimes. Now that our population has more than doubled since 1970, I think so should our effort to be intentional about how we spend our time, our life, our money, and our resources. Especially natural resources.

Where are the opportunities, statistically speaking, that would make the biggest sustainable changes in comfort obtained from resource consumption?

In other words, we need to find the "greatest good for the greatest number of people" now, more than ever.

At the end of this article, I've linked some articles that I thought to be fascinating and may be great markers for sustainable changes to come.

If the United States is aiming to be 100% powered by renewable energy by 2050, there is a great deal of work to be done to prepare for the lifestyle changes that will inherently be included with that. Even just "banning gas powered cars" is a big one.

But more so, how do we recycle water and minerals more effectively? How do we get rid of all of our current stuff that WILL BE waste by 2050? Where are we going to put all of it?

Remember that "100% renewable energy" does not mean "zero waste" and vice versa.

We can get there as a society, but it takes cooperation and the willingness to allow others to be themselves without judgement. If we impose our own virtues and goals and ideas and concepts on everyone, there is no sustainability, just bigotry.

Sustainability implies freedom, and freedom implies opportunity to expand your horizons and your mind. Unfortunately, those who seek to subvert your efforts create unsustainable conditions. Opportunity doesn't exist if people withhold it from you like a carrot on a string.

Here is my point. Businesses, especially those with corporate culture, need to understand that connection to mother nature and people isn't an ask, it's a requirement.

We can't take the Person out of Personality. Businesses that expect people to act "professionally" and remove all personal circumstances from their job I think miss the point of what it means to be human.

We need to learn how to operate in a manner that is best for everyone, instead of simply "on paper for shareholders". People need to know they can survive in the world before they can contribute to making it better.

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