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I asked Craiyon to draw images about sustainability, these are the results!

I had the AI tool Craiyon draw images for me based on the words ‘Sustainable Development Goals' and more in a series of other prompts.

This is what came up!

If you ask me, although the prompt was only three words, I feel like the images are actually pretty relevant!

I see some themes!

I see trees, green colors and the earth, sure, but deeper than that!

I see some common sustainability themes represented!


Meeting together to communicate and work together,

Efforts to promote growth and healing of the earth,

Incorporating green and other sustainable ideas into culture.

So what are you looking at?

If you’ve been reading news about some of the latest advancements in technology and information, you may have heard about some recent new Artificial Intelligence tech.

Artificial Intelligence may hold the promise of a better tomorrow, it may complicate or simplify our lives in some ways or others, who knows, maybe it’ll even doom us into oblivion in some way that hasn’t been explored by Hollywood.

That’s not what this is really about though. Truth be told, I think AI is fascinating in its ability to help and facilitate the human imagination. I have had so many ideas that I would love to explore with the help of a supercomputing AI.

What if there were AI that could compile hundreds of phone numbers in a relevant industry and make sales calls?

What if there was an AI that you could ask to build and maintain financial systems?

What are the actual possibilities with AI?

In a way, I think that it’s possibly only limited by our own imagination.

Personally, I think there are immersive, immense, and incredible ways to utilize AI in the sustainability sphere.

For instance, I asked Craiyon for something much more complicated next.

“Draw me an architectural picture of a sustainable city that uses green landscaping and zero carbon”

Personally, I kinda didn’t have high hopes for what it might come up with. I was really surprised to see some interesting and quality ideas come through!

The drawings are very reminiscent of SketchUp or a related programs drawing tools. I feel like the color schemes are accurate for architecture too!

I wanted to see if it could refine images to make them seem more realistic, so I asked it the next question to see if I could get even more interesting results. I asked it for a more specific and complete picture.

Draw a ‘futuristic sustainable city built in a canyon by a large waterfall with renewable energy and a thriving ecosystem’

The results were surprisingly on-point with many things seen in the media recently.

If you look at themes now, they can be seen very clearly in the futuristic department, but as for sustainability, I think that images can say a great deal!

I definitely think that there is some interesting opportunities to use the “creativity” of AI to stimulate our own work!

What do you think? Is AI the future?

Thanks for reading,

Kevin Bolland

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