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Sustainability Concerns in the West

As discussed in previous articles, laws and regulations in the United States represent huge hurdles for many developers and projects. The US is a huge country geographically speaking. It is the third largest country by land area, with a total area of 9.147 million square kilometers, following Russia and Canada. Even though it has a large land mass, much of the land space in the country is not suitable for large populations due to intense weather and the lack of water and infrastructure.

It ranks 49th in terms of population, with approximately 331 million people, and yet, more than 60% of the population resides east of the Mississippi river. While many sustainability concerns are the same everywhere around the world, such as equality, access to shelter and safety, and gender rights, some issues are more prevalent in the Western half of the country because of the climate intensity and open space. With steep mountains, vast deserts, thin forests, and minimal water, every resource is extremely important!

Here are 5 of the most important sustainability issues for the Western half of the country. If solutions to these problems were created and implemented in a fair manner, the potential impact could reach billions of people and save millions of lives.

1.) Water Conservation: Drought and water scarcity are persistent issues in many parts of the Western United States, making water conservation a critical objective.

2.) Renewable Energy: The Western US is a leader in renewable energy production, particularly in solar and wind power, with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels.

3.) Biodiversity Protection: The Western US is home to a diverse range of species, and protecting these habitats and ecosystems is essential for long-term sustainability.

4.) Forest Management: Forest fires, pests, and disease pose significant threats to the forests in the Western US, and sustainable forest management practices aim to maintain healthy, resilient, and diverse forest ecosystems.

5.) Waste Reduction and Recycling: The Western US generates a significant amount of waste, and promoting waste reduction and recycling is essential for reducing the environmental impact of waste disposal and conserving resources.

Furthermore, once of the most important technologies that is in development is the efficient storage of energy. Many ideas have been effectively designed to help with the storage and distribution of energy. Here in the Western United States, Energy projects often include the transportation of energy through hundreds of miles of lines and cables from where the energy is extracted to where it is used. Once sustainable renewable, and easy storage are options, many other leaps and bounds in the sustainability field will be made!

We live in a really exciting time and there is so much to learn! Follow this blog for more information on sustainability!

Thanks for reading!

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