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Incorporating Sustainability into Your Business

By Kevin Bolland

Orange, USA

There are hundreds of companies that all want your business. Always. It's a never ending fight for customers. To keep customers, and to satisfy the source of your income so that they come back for more.

What if I told you there was a better way. A more intelligent way to build relationships in this world. A way that didn't necessarily rely on what was cheapest, or most convenient, but still made sense and worked for the betterment of mankind.

After all, we want to work smarter, not harder. right?

Greenisms is about sharing information that may be helpful to you on a journey towards a more sustainable existence. Without sustainability, the world as we have known it, is doomed. However, there is much hope! Collectively, human kind has risen to some of the greatest challenges, and has overcome many obstacles to achieve a society like never before. In order to maintain the advancements we have made, more advancements are necessary.

From what my personal research has shown, people are looking for quick information. Fast, accurate, truthful information that doesn't mislead or distract the reader. People want to understand and utilize the vast universe of information related to sustainability to make better decisions about how to invest time and money.

Here, in our database, we find, provide, and are available to explain the significance of information that is available related to sustainability, financial operations of major companies, and their social interactions with the world.

For instance, have you researched the top transportation companies to see which one is the most environmentally friendly? That information may help you send a letter or package in a manner that is not damaging to the environment.

However, information like this is much more valuable to the right people. In other words, many major businesses make decisions based on what is cheapest in the short term, rather than the long term. If environmental sustainability and financial decisions were considered, many businesses would realize that operating in a sustainable manner is easier and cheaper than they expect. Especially in the long term. By choosing to use one company over another, you inadvertently support one business at the expense of another. Wouldn't it be cool to have a place where you can see companies and their efforts to be sustainable?

Moreover, sustainability decisions made on small scales, such as sending a letter, often add up to a large scale changes that may be invisible, but are still beneficial.

In this instance, better air quality, less traffic, the distribution of jobs, better mental health and happier people, etc.

Every decision we make has ties to sustainability. With a database like Greenisms available to assist you in finding the most up-to-date information, it is potentially very valuable to you too.

How can you use this type of information to your advantage?

Thanks for reading!

-Kevin Bolland

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