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Cutting costs: maximizing results

Did you know that every page we throw away costs, on average, about $0.06?

Did you know that each tree we cut down to create paper is sold for a grand total of less than $1,000?

Most of all, did you know that every single tree over a 50 year life time is worth over a million dollars in terms of the environmental services that it provides?

Among many, many other facts that are associated with paper waste is this: over 93% of the paper we produce comes from trees that do not need to be cut down.

Not only will you save a significant sum of money just by choosing to go paperless, the environmental services that you preserve by using less paper preserves endangered species, water resources, prevents erosion, and is more socially responsible.

Why would you use paper when it costs more on every level?

Of course we all still use paper for various reasons, and the presence of paper will always be necessary, even a small reduction in the amount of paper you use will result in measurable savings across all levels of your business.

Food for thought.

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